Sonic Bark Deterrents

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Title: DOGTEK Sonic BirdHouse Bark Control Outdoor/Indoor
Description: DOGTEK's Sonic Birdhouse has the visual appeal of an common birdhouse but in fact, it is a point out of the art bbark control unit the employs high-pitched ultrasonic sound technologies/b to discourage bundesired barking/b from both your or your or---Read more---|

Title: EMSON DIV. OF E. MISHON PetZoom 8140 Sonic Pet Trainer
Description: The PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer is the efficient way to develop good actions in your pet. Used by skilled pet trainers, Sonic Pet Trainer emits a substantial frequency ultrasonic pitch that instructions your pet's focus, so they obey your instructions.---Read more---|

Title: "Pet Convincer 2" - Dog Training Device - Works on Air
Description: Dean & Tyler Offers His Favourite Coaching System - "Pet Convincer 2" - Dog education resource is dependent on intensive investigation, an acoustic sound influence and Russian Tutorial Pavlov's animal actions notion.---Read more---|

Title: First Alert Bark Genie Automatic Bark Control
Description: America's most-trustworthy model in residence basic safety and stability is now searching out for your animals. The Very first Alert Bark Genie Automatic Bark Handle automatically silences your dog's barking by way of a protected, ultrasonic audio th---Read more---|

Title: PetSafe Ultrasonic Remote Trainer for Dogs and Cats, PUPT-100-19
Description: Training Your Pet Employing Sound Tones---

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